Grants for PhD Students

Dear participants of the Congress,
As one of the aims of the World Congress “Aristotle 2400 Years” is to encourage young researchers and PhD students, whose work is pertinent to Aristotle Studies, the Congress Committee have invited PhD students (participants with contribution) to apply for a limited grant (concerning participation expenses) depending upon availability of funds.
As a response to this invitation, the Congress Committee received 34 applications! This is a number, which has exceeded all expectations and therefore the availability of funds! However, we are happy to announce, that the Congress Committee, after assessing the papers of all applicants, has come to the decision to grant all applicants. More particularly:
I. The following 9 applicants/candidates, whose research work has attained a high level of excellence, have been granted with the amount of 200 €.
Acosta Lopez de Mesa Juliana (USA)
Bonasio Giulia (USA)
Buttaci Jonathan (USA)
LaBarge Maria (USA)
Lammer Andreas (Germany)
Oki Takashi (UK / Japan)
Phillips-Garrett Carissa (USA)
Puddu Elisabetta (Italy)
Sandstad Petter (Germany)
Τhere will also be given particular mention of the names of these 9 applicants at the Congress.
II. The rest 25 applicants/candidates have been granted with the amount of 150 €:
Argenti Andrea (UK)
Assaturian Sosseh (USA)
Barahona Constança (Brazil)
Boultzis Konstantinos (Austria)
Brumana Selene Iris Siddhartha (Italy)
Coates  Cameron (USA)
Coxhead Michael (UK)
Devriese Lisa (Belgium)
Dodou Marianna (Greece)
Eldere Keles Serap (UK)
Fragkaki Mary (Greece)
Gancz Ricardo (Israel)
Glantzi Evangelia Aikaterini (Greece)
Granata Daniele (Italy)
Harley Dioné (Canada)
Kaeslin Isabel (USA)
Kerimov Khafiz (USA)
Kotsonis Alkis (UK)
Laskowska Anna Maria (Poland)
Mathiesen Aleksandra (Poland)
Serban Oana (Romania)
Sheff Inna (Russia)
Theodoropoulou Athanasia (Greece)
Tsamou Eleni (Greece)
Zampaki Theodora (Greece)
We look forward to welcoming you all in Thessaloniki!
On behalf of the Congress Committee,
Demetra Sfendoni-Menzou
World Congress “Aristotle 2400 Years”
Interdisciplinary Centre for Aristotle Studies, AUTH